Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guillermo Trapiello

One of those things you stumble upon you know?
Dear Mr. Tapiello. i love your work. please be in my zine.

These are all from a series of Guillermo's illustrations called Guadalejos

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We want you!!!

Hello Everyone!

Are you creative? do you like to make things? or draw things? or photograph things? or write about things?
We consider ourselves a wonderful sharing platform! Don't you think? reaching the world via non-digital platforms is wonderful! And we would love to share what you do!!
Basically we're doing a call for submissions! 

Perhaps you don't do anything with pen, but what about a spoon?? We have one recipe in our first issue, and that's definitely something we would to keep as a regular!
Or perhaps you do something else we haven't even thought of yet that you want place among our pages!

Or maybe you know people! Isn't that what everyone does nowadays? Share things? Share this! Spread the word  - spread the AC love!

you read over the submission guidelines though! dont forget we have a SUPER low quality printer!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Thousand!

Today I Happened to come across our zine on Five thousand! woah!
Recently a friend took a bunch over to Adelaide and put them in Format Zine Shop and I guess the right person picked one up! and there we are... a review on Five Thousand! These are the moments i get really excited.

Julien Pacaud

Absolutely loving the work of Julien Pacaud right now

Friday, April 29, 2011

Zine praise!

Hooray! The zine is really starting to get out there! Its so exciting sending out the copies.

Looks like a blogger got a hold of one! - -

Hooray! its soo lovely.

On sale!!

Zine is finished and all ready for mail order here! (Well we still have about 400 something copies to staple, but there are still plenty of copies all ready to ship if you want one!)


Louis Reith

This is Louis Reith.
He is from amsterdam.
He does this work.