We love submissions for all types of creativity at any time. But do please read all of the submission guidelines below. If you are unsure about something, just give us ahoy! - and by ahoy, i mean email.

You should email all submissions to applecartzine{at}
The email needs to include where you're from and contact details, also please include a small paragraph about yourself, you may write whatever you like, but no longer than 40 words.  Or we can just include contact details if you prefer. Please also include how you found out about the zine.

We do do some colour pages inside the zine but its as minimal as we can make it cos that's where pretty much where all the printing cost is.

The bulk of the printing is done on a risograph which looks a lot like screen printing in quality.  So anything tonal is hard to get right. BUT we do have two colours! a black and a blue!   keep that in mind!!

For writing just send it in. Nothing further! (maybe a little doodle or illustration to go along with it? )

For Black and White (very much preferred)
The Risograph has a lot of trouble printing anything with smooth tones, think screen printing style.
I can guarantee photographs won't come out, vector style work or bitmap is most preferred, but anything close to that is fine - line-work or sketches should be ok. I'll put up some examples soon.
DON'T FORGET: We have a blue ink too!!! (so its not really back and white at all!)

NOTE: If you're not sure whether it will work, just show us some examples! We'd hate to lose your submission just because of our printer and there are lots of ways we can work around it!

Send it in no bigger than A5 and make sure its hi-res please!

For colour - we do only a small amount of feature colour pages.
But do send them in anyways! make sure they are 300ppi and no bigger than 128mm x 190mm. It may not get in the next issue if we get too many submissions, but we may just keep it for later ones! (let us know if that's OK)

Now, i can't make any promises of course - we're always a little worried you wont all fit in! and well, its not like we're making a profit from it - paper, printing and long staplers cost lots!

and remember! - you're submitting to a zine thats produced on 100% recycled paper, with soy based inks on a printer that uses 90% less energy than a regular photocopier!! woah! How bout that for some good feelings!